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Some Of The Best News In Music For 2019

We have already considered the best music of the decade and also some of the best albums of 2019, it is really hard to narrow down the list to a list of best songs. Well, even though it was hard, I have made sure to include some of the best songs of this year. There were some artists that kept making headlines, like Billie Eilish. Eilish had a great debut in the year 2019, and it is easy to feel that only a few months after her big debut album, she has been famous f0r years, but she only debuted in 2019.

The streaming platforms are also growing a lot nowadays. Some of the most notable ones are Apple Music and Spotify. YouTube also made a subscription feature available, and this feature will be available for all mobile devices using YouTube. YouTube Premium will let users stream music on their device even when the app is closed, a feature that was long-awaited and desired is a feature that they introduced, and the audience was happy indeed. But for those who did not opt for it, YouTube is forcing the option down their throats, and there is a pop-up almost every time you enter the app, and it is quite annoying indeed.

Apple Music got much better at suggesting songs according to your taste. With the release of iOS 13 and the introduction of Dark Mode, Apple Music has become much easier on the eyes, and it is a delight to use it in low light situations. Apple Music also boasts for having millions of songs. For an undoubtedly low subscription fee after a 3 month trial period, it allows you to download songs and have them on your device where you can listen to them even if you do not have internet access. Apple Music and Spotify are both available for iOS and Android as well, and both are paid subscriptions.

Here are some of the best songs of 2019.

  • Bad Guy by Billie Eilish actually became a fan favorite, and it still is one of the best songs of 2019
  • Senorita by the iconic duo of heart-throb Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello is actually one of my personal favorites. They are also such an amazing couple in the music video and in real life as well.
  • Sucker by the Jonas Brothers actually became a really famous song because it marked the return of the Jonas Brothers and it was amazingly received by the people.
  • Dancing With A Stranger is one song that I had on repeat for almost a whole week when it came out because it is a beautiful song indeed.